Interested in traveling and volunteering in paradise? Make the most of your vacation and help us help Fiji. One of our recent volunteers put together a great video detailing her experience:

If you have the heart to help, we have places to put you to work. If you are a professional, retired, or just someone who wants to make a difference, please contact NGF and tell us about yourself. For those volunteers with exceptional professional backgrounds, substantial recognition, and a good pitch, we may cover some of your costs. Email: [email protected]


Suzanne Donovan M.D., MPH and her 12-year-old daughter Gabby Watkin, volunteered their time and knowledge to NGF and the people of Fiji in 2011. Dr. Donovan is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at UCLA with a specialty in Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine with a MPH (Masters of Public Health) in Epidemiology which focused on the impact and spread of diseases within a community. Her experience and qualifications are huge, covering many challenges Fijians are facing and we at NGF knew she fit with what we are looking for in a volunteer: Ability, Passion, and Drive.

Gabby too proved to be a volunteer homerun hitter when it came to volunteer work. Gabby spoke to her school teacher in the U.S. before her trip to Fiji, expressing the requirement of contributing donations to Fijians. Gabby gave a talk to her own school class and to other classes and, with a teacher’s help, devised an incentive scheme to reward the class generating the most donations. Together, her school filled a pickup truck with donations! Gabby and Suzanne also had a party at their home for family and friends to donate to Fiji. Combining the party and the school, Suzanne and Gabby collected the following (with estimated value in USD):

75 new t-shirts ($20 ea)   $1500
26 pairs of new sneakers ($40 ea)   $1040
Used clothing     $1000
Used shoes (over 100 pairs)  $750

School Supplies
New        $150
Used      $100
Books     $250

Medical Supplies (all new)  $450

Total      $5240

Once in Fiji, Gabby gave her time to local schools, met local villagers and distributed the donations she collected.

Dr. Suzanne Donovan gave her time in Fiji by assessing the services offered, medications available and potential new services of the Savusavu Medical Centre, compiling a report of areas of improvement and expansion. She met with a NGF project leader and the Medical Centre manager on how best to implement her suggestions and why she felt they would benefit the Centre and the community.

Suzanne gave 4 lectures at the Savusavu Public Hospital. The subjects were: Infection Control; Infectious Diseases; HIV; and, Prevention of HIV transmission from pregnant women to their unborn children.

Suzanne gave lectures on hand hygiene and preventing the spread of infections to NGF staff; Mothers and Children at the NGF school, and to 7 different classes at a local elementary school. She taught CPR, suturing and emergency first aid to senior NGF staff.

Suzanne is still liaising with US healthcare professionals to collect required medical equipment and, Dr. Donovan offers remote infection consults with Savusavu Medical Centre manager, Dr. Ishaque, over the internet.

A big Vinaka Vakalevu (Thank you!) to Suzanne and Gabby, our new friends.

You too can make a difference!