Disadvantaged Youth
Full-life Scholarship

Rural Villages in Fiji provide a great deal of support to community members, acting as a kind of family. The elderly are usually cared for, as are the very young. But even in a village there are those who, for various reasons, receive a disproportionately small amount of care. Children of abusive parents, alcoholic parents, and absent parents have many of the same life-challenges as children in similar situations all over the world, village or no village. The Disadvantaged Youth Full-Life Sponsorship (DYFS) Program seeks to identify children in such a situation as this, and provide entire life-sponsorship, including financial, housing, familial, education, medical, integration into better- functioning-families, reuniting with never-met fathers and never-known mothers, and providing opportunities intended to compensate for the absence of early opportunities.

NGF began sponsoring 14 children in this large and ongoing program. For more details, please read our most recent annual report . These young people have lived at our Primary Facility in Savusavu and travelled the world, visiting India, the USA, Africa, Australia and New Zealand as part of NGF’s sponsorship. Most are now grown and two have children of their own. We hope all those sponsored are stronger and wiser and better equipped thanks to our support. Graduates from this ongoing program (remember: it’s full-life sponsorship!) are now successful nurses, engineers, sailors, chefs, farmers and hotel managers.