Many Other Programs

Emergency Relief: This is a wide-ranging area of need that we assess as and when needed. After Cyclone Damon struck Fiji in 2007, NGF worked with the Red Cross, the Rotary Club and Tui Tai to get materials and volunteers to the devastated and very remote island of Cikobia. We also assist with medical emergencies. When NGF heard that a five-year-old Fijian Girl with epilepsy needed life-saving brain surgery we donated $10,000.00 to make it happen. The girl entered the hospital in Melbourne, Australia in a wheelchair. Two months later she walked out, smiling. NGF has funded air fare for the severely ill on many occasions. Our emergency relief is broad in scope.

Clothes distribution: We donate clothes on a regular basis throughout Fiji. The largest distribution of clothing was in 2005, when NGF rented a 2-ton truck to share more than 3,000 garments with seven remote villages.

Eyewear distribution: We source prescription eyewear from New Zealand, Australia and the USA and distribute it in remote and impoverished villages.

Water systems: On many occasions NGF overhauls a village water system to create a constant source of fresh, potable water. For example, in April of 2007, NGF provided material for a water collection system on the island of Yanuca. Rain-gutters, pipes, and large storage tanks were donated by NGF, delivered aboard the Tui Tai ship.

Donated Medicine: Thanks to our volunteers and partners in the USA, NGF is able to source and distribute medicine otherwise unavailable in Fiji. One such example is the 12,000 pre-natal vitamins donated to the Savusavu Hospital.

Flush Toilets: NGF has installed many flush toilets, where previously they were not available.

Wheelchair Program: Anyone in need of a wheel chair can get one from us at no charge. Crippled adults and children who had become used to a life of sitting on the floor all day are now able take a more active role in life.

Dental: NGF has hosted dental clinics, provided dental care, and distributed tooth brushes.

Jazmin Grace Fund: NGF works with Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, daughter of Monaco’s Prince Albert to help impact the lives of local Fijians. Please see: